"A Pawsitively Happy Adventure!"


Initial consultation - FREE

During our meeting we go over your usual routine,& meet you and your pet(s). You show us food/water location,play area/yard,litter area,etc.We provide a service agreement & you provide a key.The rest is easy!!!

* Initial meet & greet with you & your pets is always free. 

If we need to come over again for key pickup, or extra meeting prior to future visits a fee will be charged for our time.

Daily visits/walks....$25.00-$30 per visit  30-45 mins.(If everything can be completed in this time frame)                               


Overnights.... $85 For approximately a 12 hour stay including a staff sleeping over with your pet(s). Times can be adjusted depending on your needs( for example 7p-7a, 9p-9a)

Extra visits throughout the day are $25 extra depending on the situation. Please ask for info.

*Extra fees may apply depending on # of animals

*Holiday Fees also apply to overnights 

Overnights with Extended Stays…$150

** Our Top Dog Premium Service**

We Stay Overnights with your pets & basically live @

your home while You're Away. Just leave occasionally for a break or to grab food!

*Holiday Fees are additional

*Extra Fees May apply for depending on # of animals

Quick Let Outs (10 -15 Mins)...$15.00

Available if we are already in your neighborhood. We generally let your dog out, give it a treat/water. Other pets can also be checked on too.....Restrictions May Apply .Not a flat rate if we need to stay longer, due to accident cleanups, etc.

Key Pick Up/Drop Off.....$20.00

No charge if we're in your area, doing another visit or if you drop it off at our home.

Transport to vet,groomer, Food Pick Up.etc....$25.00 per 30 mins (within Rochester)

*Holiday Fee-Flat charge of $10.00 extra per VISIT for the following Holidays: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, July 4th,Thanksgiving,Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

RATES INCLUDE TAX/MILEAGE-Our Prices appear higher because tax/mileage are included. 

We usually do not charge extra for giving meds./injections, etc.

(Every case is different, we will discuss at meet & greet)

Please ask us if you have further questions!

Prices increase yearly

We accept Cash ,Check, Money Order, PayPal,Venmo